Friday, April 01, 2011

On Tap this weekend

If the stars align correctly my copy of the Battletech 25th anniversary introductory boxed set should arrive today or tomorrow.

I never played Battletech growing up. I saw it played a lot, wanted to learn it but with so many games and RPG's I never got around to it. When I heard about this box set and my love for Mech games in general I thought this was the best time to get on board.

I'm really hoping it arrives so I can spend my weekend throwing Giant Mechs at each other in battle. The one thing that scares me about getting into Battletech is my completest OCD. I have literally dozen of expansions that I have never played or even cracked the shrink wrap on. With 25 years worth of history and the ability to buy and paint plastic Mechs my wallet may be in for a hurting.

Now if this game doesn't come I still have a boatload of games to open. I received my shipment of GMT games from the 50% off sale and I'm looking forward to tearing into Dominant Species. 7 Wonders just arrived last night and like a lot of reports there is a color misprint on some of the cards. I'm not one who usually cares or even notices these things but it is pretty substantial.

I forgot to mention my basement gaming area is all laid out in Tide or Iron mode. I've been playing through the scenarios and writing them up for a feature I am thinking about. Should be a fun weekend with some new and old games.

What are you playing this weekend?


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