Tuesday, January 20, 2009

War Game Video

The War Game from Dan on Vimeo.

This is a video I shot with a Flip Mino, first time I used it and the quality is so -so on the close ups. I was also sick as a dog, in other words this video is purely for test purposes but I thought I would share it.
Monday, January 12, 2009

Combat Commander

This game is all kinds of awesome.

That's all.
Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Your Order Has Shipped...

Tide of Iron: Designer Series, Vol. 1
Talisman Revised 4th Edition Upgrade Pack
Tailsman Reaper Expansion
Tide of Iron: Normandy Campaign Expansion
World of Warcraft: Adventure Game - Artumnis Moondream Character
World of Warcraft: Adventure Game - Dongon Swiftblade Character
World of Warcraft: Adventure Game - Zowka Shattertusk Character
World of Warcraft: Adventure Game - Brandon Lightstone Character
StarCraft: Brood War Expansion

Make your own judgments

P.S. - I got Android for Christmas
Sunday, January 04, 2009

The War Game & the surprise hit

I'm going to save my thoughts on the War Game for a full on review. I'll just drop one hint, when you're charging 100+ dollars for a game you better deliver on at least one of these 3 areas.

1. Bit Quality & Quantity - The War Game fails, the bits are too few in number and too big for the board. Think about that for a second this board is HUGE, but the bits are too big. then you don't get enough of them, look I know France won't play much a part in the war but man give them at least one of each unit. Also I don't like that fact that my boards edges already are fettered just from opening the game.

2. Unique Play Experience - I knew going in the this game was Axis & Allies on Steroids, but if I am staying with that analogy if this game was getting tested for illegal growth hormones it wouldn't get caught for doing anything illegal. While some of the rules are nice, a lot of the advanced rules need to be downloaded off the internet.

3. Support - The web site for this game is an utter mess, certain modules mentioned in the rule book are not even available on the site. This game wasn't just published mind you it's been out a while.

Now if you want to spend a good $15, go out and buy Sorry Sliders. Yes you heard me right, a MB game that doesn't suck. Someone took the Sorry name and slapped it on a decent Dex game.
The game comes with 4 different boards and game types and if you have kids this is sure to be a hit.

I played a lot of games over the break and I have a shipment of FFG games coming my way this week, it feels good to be back in the gaming saddle.

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