Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Saving a game by playing it solo

Ever own a game you're really excited about? Really like, it well regarded but just can't get to the table? Or maybe it's a so-so game, or an epic game that can't find it's way to the table.

Recently I've been saving games by playing them solo. This started about 2 years ago with World of Warcraft. That game with both expansions is a monster, one time I played a 6 player game that went 7 hours and didn't finish.

One day the idea struck me to set everything up and play the game solo, in fact I believe their are solo rules out and about but I had my own rules. Simple I control 3 characters and I have a set number of turns to beat the bag guy. I was surprised how much this game was enjoyable as a solo experience and the best part is I didn't have to play it in one sitting.

Recently I bought Runebound a game I played once but didn't enjoy. I remember it being particularly boring in the down time. However as a solo game it plays very fast and is a lot of fun.

Now we cue my favorite game, Combat Commander Europe. I own everything CC related, you name it I have it. I have not once played this game with another player. I'm not kidding I have never found a single person who wants to play probably the best WW2 game on the market. I won't detail how I play a card driven war game solo but it works.

Would I rather play CC:E with another player..I sure would. But I won't let the lack of an opponent stop me from playing a great game.

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