Wednesday, April 27, 2011

News Bits and Money Pits

Some news for you as I get back into a routine.

FFG has posted a new preview of the upcoming TI expansion. Never  been much of a TI player myself but this expansion looks very good.

You might recall are interview with Richard Berg on the upcoming Godzilla game well it seems he has gotten his pre-release copy and posted some pics over at board game geek.

A product I am keeping an eye on called Battleship Galaxies is slowly releasing the information train. You can find the latest news here.

According to this BGG post Age of empires is getting a name change and an expansion. I'm one of a select few who detests this game for no apparent reason. I should mention the above post doesn't appear to be from an official source.

So I dug into the LOTR Card Game and I have to say I really am enjoying it. As much as I grow tired of the card game genre, being able to play solo or co-operative is very engaging. With only 3 quests included however I see this game becoming a big money pit.  There are already 3 adventure packs announced at $9.99 a pop and I'm sure many more to follow since the game appears to be popular.

Next up is Fighting Formations, I really can't wait to give this a try due to the praise it is getting.


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