Monday, April 25, 2011

Back from Holiday road.

So I'm back from vacation and thanks to Todd for keeping some sort of posting going on here at the OBGB. We'll have to send out a search party for Chris to see where he is.

I arrived home to several new games waiting for me. I'll hopefully get to one of them before Thursdays meet up I just can't decide which. It's between Fighting Formations and the LOTR Card game. I'd much prefer FF over the card game but the chances of that getting played on Thursday are slim. However chances are someone else already has played the LOTR card game saving me the trouble of reading the rules again before play which is always a selling point in my book.

Either way it's good to be home but the trip was well worth it. My parents enjoyed their 50th wedding anniversary party a lot which made all the travel a lot easier.


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