Monday, April 04, 2011

My hate for stickers and my love of walking robots

So last week was like Christmas according to the wife. I had no less then a dozen games show up at the office / house. Most of these were from my GMT games haul but others were just purchases.

One game I have never owned is the Command and Colors series. I knew there was a reason for it but I couldn't recall why. Upon opening my copy last night it hit me like a smack in the face.


Yes I hate games that force me to finish the components. I don't mind some assembly, I actually enjoy painting my figures although Chris says I am a horrible painter and he might of prevented me from every painting again.

However there is one thing I absolutely can't stand and that is putting stickers on components. You see I was blessed with incredible sausage fingers. This makes putting sticker on items very hard. I also have self diagnosed OCD which means if they stickers are not straight it drives me insane. You put all those thing together with a game that has about 260 blocks that need stickers applied and you may as well kick me somewhere not so nice.

Needless to say I am in the process of putting these stickers on and well I don't have much to say about the joy of owning this excellent game.

Now lets jump over to the pure joy department. My boxed set of Battletech arrived and let me tell you this is a steal for people who want to get into Battletech. There are already some good unboxing videos on the web so I won't be doing that but this boxed edition comes loaded with goodies.

First there are 24 Mechs, well technically there are 26. A quick start rules which had me playing in about 15 minutes. Introductory Rules, Mech sheets and tables. A book on the history of the inner sphere, a painting and tactics guide, a book on how to use all the core rule books and tech supplements.

In short it is perfect for someone like me who always wanted to be into this game but was simply overwhelmed by the amount of material. This boxed set takes that feeling away and gets you playing and lets you decide where to go next. Easily a 5 star recommendation from me.

Now all I need are some opponents.


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