Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Fun Thoughts--Does the Journey or the Win matter most?

Meant to do this post two weeks ago, but figured I'd toss it out here today.

To be honest, I am uber-competitive. When it comes to work and some of the sports I play/played, I'd rather gut my opponent vs. actually lose.

Yet when it comes to many board games, I'm often just content with having the opportunity to play. I realized the other day that the more and more games I play that I find myself driven to the experience vs. actually being compelled to win. This certainly isn't universal and for some games and some specific types of games, the experience is in the win, but it's something I wanted to toss out here for possible comments.

I thought about this some more and some games fit this way of thinking more than others:

It's All About the Journey Games

  1. Die Macher--The German Classic is a must try and really shows how some games are so deep you don't even mind what place you actually finish in
  2. War of the Ring-- The recreation of the LoTR Triology is an epic event and just plain fun to get on the table and spend four hours working out the details
  3. Battlestar Galactica--The best of the competitive co-operatives and comes so close to capturing the essence of the series that you get sucked in more and more each time you play
You Play to Win the Game Games

  1. Age of Steam--Just like other economic engine games. . .the experience is making the most money, getting the most goods and scoring the most points--Age of Steam is one of the most brutal where a few early mistakes can literally kick you straight out of the game
  2. Tigris and Euphrates--Once you learn the subtleties of the rules, you realize that winning this game is the only satisfying result
  3. Game of Thrones--I could have gone down a number of paths here, but Game of Thrones is a great example of the euro-war game where again your urges to stab your friends in the back overcomes the fun of playing
Anyway, just some fun thoughts for a Friday. . .feel free to comment and offer any other games that fit in either category.


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