Sunday, April 03, 2011

An Apeal to FFG: Where the Heck is "Not Dune" Already?

Where am I?

I was having my morning coffee and integrating my Cosmic Incursion Expansion into the base game and was suddenly musing aloud about how curious FFG is about their game release announcements. It was before they even released Cosmic Encounter that they'd made waves saying they were re-skinning Dune into the Twilight Imperium universe, while they released Android as a sneak attack, shipping about one month after to was announced. On top of that they've released at least a dozen new, in-house designs in the interim. And yet, no new incarnation of Dune. No previews, developer blogs, prototype components and plastic bits. Nothing.

So here's my public appeal. How about this year? Maybe by GenCon? Please, I promise, we'll be extra good this year.


GamesBook said...

Was just thinking the exactly same thing today... please post any news if you find out!

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