Monday, April 25, 2011

2011 Spring Kitcon Report--aka Seven Wonders Pallooza

As promised, here is a quick-fire recap of my day of gaming at the 2011 Spring Kitcon:

On my way there, I got a call at 9:05 AM: we have seat waiting for you for Battlestar Galactica:

Game One: BSG with Pegasus and Exodus Expansion pieces sprinkled in:

I am playing "Helo" and am a Cylon right off the bat, so I'm sitting there with Helo's very powerful change a decision power and I know exactly when I want to use it.

About 10-12 turns in, a crisis card comes up and sure enough it's what I was waiting for: it reads essentially do something bad or execute the current player. . .they choose the bad option and I say--nah you really want to off your friend.

On second thought, why don't you start looking for a new character. . .

Bonus cylon points because it was the chief and make it a double bonus as the chief changes to Dee and she kills herself when Morale drops to 2.

Game Result: Nearly three hours later, the Humans win. . .with 1 morale left. Although I did everything I could do to stop them--including the aforementioned two kills!

Games Two, Three and Five: Seven Wonders

So, I had heard that this game was all the buzz and I now see why. This must have hit the table like 10 or 12 times throughout the day and it's a great game for an event like Kitcon. It's a card drafting game that plays in 30-45 minutes and fits 7 players. . .there aren't many games that play fast and are good fits for 6-7 players. This was easy to learn and master. . .and it's definitely on my shortlist.

Results: I think I finished fifth, second and third in three spirited sessions.

Game Four: 51st State
An interesting card game driven resource gathering game. I like how it is interactive, but it seems imbalanced as I never saw a leader and ended up missing on a ton of bonus points.

Result: last place learner =)

After a short break to head home for dinner and to color the eggs. . .I returned for part two, which was very similar to part one as I ended the day with:

Game Six: BSG (the encore)

I am first so I pick Admiral Adama and am Cylon right off the bat again. . .anyway, as Admiral Cylon, I want to play it straight up until we make at least one or two jumps, but we end up playing with a cat named Evil Jim who mistakenly throws me in the brig because he thought I put a civilian ship in danger. . .the ship was a blank. . .but the blank ship tiles have a spaceship on there and I guess he expected to see nothing. It spoiled my plans but this effort actually ended up causing so much confusion that people kept burning valuable cards to keep me in the brig even though I kept protesting that they "shouldn't bother."

Subtitle choices: Evil Jim Strikes Again or When is a blank not a blank?

Anyway, the new admiral was also cylon and made the Galactica go 4 distance when they still had blue in all four resource dials to make the cylon sympathizer pro-cylon and the human's simply couldn't manage a game with a 3-3 disadvantage.

Results: Cylons win in a landslide as the human population gets dropped to zero shortly after they limp to distance 6.

A fun day of gaming that ultimately ended at 1AM but I was unable to get any of my newer games to the table. . .luckily I return to full time gaming in a couple of weeks.


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