Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun in the board game kitchen?

I was browsing the different sites for some lunchtime topics today and I stumbled upon an upcoming game explained in the z-man games newsletter found here:

It's called Wok Star and it sounds really unique:

From the board game geek entry:

Wok Star is a cooperative real-time game where players take on different roles to help grow a Chinese restaurant in a tycoon style game.

This definitely is a different take on this type of game and I wonder how well the cooperative elements would actually work. Imagine the conversations: we needed 12 cups of rice and you cut up 10 pounds of water chestnuts. More Soy Sauce!

It also led me to wonder if this would eventually lead to an Iron Chef the game, but then it struck me that it likely was already made and sure enough in 2003 this game was released.

Looks kind of mainstream and has a 4.4 rating on BGG (ouch). . .but it's funny how culture affects gaming development trends with cooking shows being more and more popular I'm sure we'll see more games in the vein of Wok Star.

What will be first: Top Chef, Iron Chef America. . .who knows. . .


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