Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Wednesday Wild Cards

My latest game order arrived today:

Here is what I picked up:

Finca--a friend of mine showed this to me a couple of weeks back, and it's another one of these games that has an oddball theme (fruit farming), but the mechanics work really, really well. I was shocked that this came out in 2009 and had never heard anything about it. . .even though it's older I plan on reviewing it anyway. . .

Charon, Inc.--Per my review, I am a person who follows what he preaches. . .seriously, try this out if you get a chance!

London--I have never played this game but saw that no one in Eagles owned it either. This was bought based on three elements:

  1. It was designed by Martin Wallace and I enjoy most/all of his work
  2. It sounded interesting and as I said above no one who I game with owns it
  3. It was tied to a free shipping promotion at the vendor I purchased from
Ultimately, the decision came down to this: spend ~12 dollars for shipping or buy a new (to everyone) game for ~$40 to get free shipping. I felt that it was in everyone's best interest to spend the extra coin to add the new game to the collective.

Did I make the right choice?


Jim Leesch said...

Love London. I have it, but since I never am able to get away on Thursdays. . .

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