Monday, March 21, 2011

Sometimes the rules sell the game

Recently FFG posted the rules to the upcoming Living Card Game Lord of the Rings. I wasn't very interested in this game to be honest. After getting invested in Summoner Wars and War Hammer Invasion and seldom playing them I wasn't sure I wanted another game.

The rules of the LOTR card game changed my mind however. I like the fact that it is a co-operative game which fits more in line with the theme. It is also scenario based and the rules make the game seem like it has a real narrative as you play. Player must work through challenges together, whether they be locations or enemies. Add to the fact that the game comes with multiple characters and 4 different spheres (i.e. decks) to play from and the game sounds very intriguing. I also like the fact that it seems to set up for a great solo experience.

Of course the game isn't even out yet and there are already two announced expansion card packs, such are the ways of LCG's. However unlike other games there is a real ability here to add scenarios and challenges for the players without making the packs about pimping out your player deck.

So it went from a zero interest title to very anticipated title. My only hope is it doesn't contain the amount of mis-prints found in FFG's recently release Mansions of Madness.


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