Monday, March 07, 2011

Conquest of Planet Earth: The Space Alien Game Impressions

I got around to opening this game over the weekend and got through the rules. Conquest is a game for 1-4 players and I decided since I was lacking an opponent to try a single player game. Unlike some games that claim they can be player single player and in fact can not, conquest does not suffer from this issue.

I'm actually happy to have another game along with Labyrinth The War on Terror that I can play solo when the mood strikes me. The game is pretty simple, you choose an Alien race and then you set your sights on Conquering the Earth. In a single player game you're of course playign the game and the Earth's defenses are beefed up.

Apparently in a multi-player game you're one of the conquering alien races and you battling the other menaces from space to be the first to destroy the little humans. There is no game board per say as the planet is randomly seeded with cards as you go out to conquer. These cards have a defensive rating and a population rating. The defensive rating is how many battles you'll need to win to conquer this territory and the population rating is how many terror points you collect.

I'm very curious to play a multi-player competitive game because in such a contest you're trying to be the first to get to 8 terror points and in my single player game the way the cards were drawn out I could of accomplished this fairly easily. I have to see it in action but something just feels off from reading the rules and seeing the set up.

The game comes with a lot of cards with some fantastic art work on it. This is a change from the usually actors / photos of other Flying Frog games like Last Night on Earth. Like most of their games this one can also be player co-operative as well as competitive.

Hopefully I'll get this one to the table this week and can from some impressions on a full game and see if my concerns are off base.


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