Thursday, March 03, 2011

A Thursday Four Pack

My most recent game order arrived today--here is what I picked up:

BSG Exodus Expansion--looking forward to the sheer depth of additions added.

Tribune Expansion--been meaning to add this into the collection for awhile.

Survive--Escape from Atlantis--Played this at the Winter Kitcon, seemed like a fun game to play with family, friends and gamers alike

Dominion Prosperity--I think Chris had suggested this to me over the winter, it was the perfect game to push my order over $100 for the free shipping.

*An interesting side note--Prosperity has a huge warning on the front that says "Not a Complete Game!"

Exodus and Tribune have similar warnings, in small type on the back of each box. Not that most gamers would be confused but I thought it was cool for RGG to point that out on the front instead of the back.


Chris said...

I'll still stand by my feeling that Prosperity is the best expansion for Dominion by far.

Todd Doyle said...

I had never seen the cards before, some of the options are really juicy. At first this was a throw in, but I'm really looking forward to playing it.

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