Tuesday, March 01, 2011

For the Love of the Board Game?

As you were warned, Danimal has decided to open the flood gates and allow for some of his longtime board gaming colleagues/foes to invade his space here in the blogosphere.

With any new venture, I think it makes sense to introduce yourself and this is my quick first impression.


Anyway, Todd Doyle here, or better known as TMD or TMDBA37 or you may know me from a past life as Disco Doyle--err, yeah, probably not.

I have been playing and enjoying board games for most of my life, but really didn't understand the true love and appreciation for the hobby until I played Showmanager back in Fall of 2003.


Yes. The 1996 German classic by Dirk Henn. Ultimately, and I will try to keep this brief. Showmanager is an incredible game with one of those really oddball themes. The first play, I was extremely skeptical, "How am I going to play and enjoy a game about a bunch of theater producers?" Well played I did. Loved I did and it really acted as my launching pad into serious boardgame collecting and playing. I've never once looked back and have (for the most part) loved every minute.

Anyway, I will be helping Dan out by posting random thoughts and strategies on games, news items and board game reviews. Dan has asked me to churn out a review for Civilization and that will be coming later tonight.

So I hope to see you around!


Upcoming Reviews: (as stated above) Civilization--The Board Game, Charon, Inc., Finca and Battlestar Galactica: Exodus (one of the most expansive expansions of all time--I'll explain)


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