Tuesday, March 22, 2011

GMT Games News

In the GMT newsletter I received today they talked some more about their future electronic offerings. Up until now the only one I've known of is a computer version of Twilight Struggle. Here is a short bit from the news letter

Last Fall, I let you guys know about our Twilight Struggle computer game project. That's still ongoing, but I wanted to use a bit of space here to update you on several additional projects we have begun recently, as well as to let you know the direction we're heading with Computer and I-Pad games.
First off, on the computer game front, we have one additional project that we have agreed to. This one is a computer version of Barbarossa: Army Group South, and hopefully eventually all of the Barbarossa series.
We've also begun our first two I-Pad game projects - one for Manoeuvre and one for Dominant Species.

I've actually been toying with the idea of an iPad version of Combat Commander, maybe I won't need to do that now.


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