Friday, March 11, 2011

Mansions of Madness thoughts

I really enjoyed this game last night. I'm saving the review for Chris since he will have in several plays by the time he puts it into blog form.

However after playing the game I examine the FAQ put out by Fantasy Flight. This game has numerous printing errors and not of the typo variety. Errors that affect game play, it also has several story errors in the text that comes with the game.

In fact in reading the FAQ / errata sheet I began to feel I know owned a game that was not really the best in terms of quality control.

6 cards have printing errors according to the sheet. Some of the story errors affect set up which can foil a game from the start. The map tiles are warping more then they should be for a new product. I notices in the copy we played several monster don't stay in there bases and at least one of the base clips was broken.

This isn't really what I expect from FFG in terms of a finished product, especially one they knew would be this popular. The warping issue is also affecting other publishers. My new D&D game had warping playing cards, Betrayal at house on the hill was unplayable after I bought it because of the warping of everything included. Not sure what is going on as of late but the quality of some games is not cutting it.


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