Friday, March 04, 2011

Mayday Games to Release Eaten by Zombies

Killing a little time waiting for FedEx to arrive with my copy of Mansions of Madness and I stumbled across this in the BGG forums.

Mayday Games to Publish Eaten by Zombies.

It's yet another deck-building (I know, right?) game, this one with a zombie (I know, right?) theme.

While it would be easy to dismiss just based on that alone, I have major respect for the DIY enthusiasm of small publishers, so I'm adding this one to my tentative interest mental list.

Maximum zoom. Enhance!

From the release

You start with five heavy sticks (each worth +1 fight) and five hide cards (each +1 flee) as well as two sandwiches (+1 Flee & Draw one card). You shuffle these 12 cards and draw 6 into your hand. You then face one of the 25 zombies from the Zombie Deck with a fight value ranging from 1-8 and a flee value of 1-4. You must announce Fight or Flee and then proceed to play some/all of your 6 cards in your hand.

If you successfully fight/flee you then take the total fight/flee value to the scavenging portion of your turn (think of it as a “buy”) where you acquire items such as Shotguns, fists full of ammo, crowbar, binoculars, fire on a stick, grandma pantry, deadeye or other cards which you then put INTO YOUR HAND for use in the very next turn and draw back up to 6 cards from your draw deck. Played cards go to your discard pile, including any zombies you have succeeded in killing.
If you flee then the zombie card goes to the zombie discard pile. As you draw zombies into your hand (from shuffling your discard pile) you are stuck with them in your hand forever unless you play them into the zombie horde attacking on another player’s turn, so the zombie horde gets tougher over time.

If you are unsuccessful in killing/fleeing then you must loose a number of cards equal to the flee value of the horde. These lost cards come from either your hand or as a blind draw off the top of your draw pile and go back to the scavenging area, weakening you. If you run out of cards you succumb to your wounds and become a zombie, now trying to kill the other players on each turn.
If a player ever ends up with six zombie cards in his/her hand the zombie players win as the remaining players have gone insane. Each time the zombie deck is gone through and reshuffled you add one more zombie to the horde for the rest of the game, making perpetual survival impossible.

It isn’t a matter of if you’re going to die but when. Be the last player standing and win. If at any time the entire zombie deck is depleted (because the players have killed all of them rather than using flee), all remaining players alive win together.

This is a unique cooperative/competitive game where you really feel the tension and inevitability of doom. You spend the first few turns building up your deck only to see the zombies increase in power and slowly drain your will to live as the game progresses.

2-4 players, 20 minutes per player.


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