Saturday, June 11, 2011

Tales from the Cylon Front--The Best Cylon Win Ever!

As mentioned last week, I was able to attend my normal Thursday Night gaming group for the first time in about three months and it was a fun time.

I ended up playing Battlestar Galactica (BSG) and was able to pull off one of the most dominant Cylon victories of "ALL TIME."

Before I hurt myself patting me on the back, let me tell you what happened and let you decide.

As many of you know, BSG is a team co-op type of game with a lot of known and unknown information. I've long thought (especially in a 6-player game) that the Cylon team is most effective with a revealed Cylon and an unrevealed Cylon teaming up to win.

That's sort of what happened on this past Thursday, but the way it went down was legendary.

Anyway, when you start a game of BSG, you get a loyalty card, and I was the President and a Cylon on the first turn. Some people struggle with this setup because often times they try to be too aggressive in screwing the Humans.

Me, I play it straight up. . .actually so much so that there should have been doubt from my human players because I was doing everything by the book and then some. For example, I burned all of my cards to get us extra jump distance. . .burned all of my cards to not lose a chunk of resources on another crisis card.

The reason there is simple, if I keep all of the resources in the blue, the Cylon sympathizer is a Cylon and does not join the humans.

For this game, I didn't care about the 3-3 aspect as I had something much more devious in mind.

As President, you are able to get quorum cards throughout the game--often times, unless there is a huge crisis or the game is in the late stages, that's all the President character does as the quorum cards can help against the cylon horde--of course, when the Prez is a Cylon, this power can be wielded to harm--and harm it did. . .

After a close vote on a nasty crisis card, the (human) engineer ended up in the brig. As President, I had two quorum cards that threw characters in the brig. So, I hatched a grand plan, to not reveal and see if I could get all three humans in the brig.

Eventually, it all just fell into place. . .the humans flew past the 4 distance and got to seven. . .the cylon sympathizer was revealed and a cylon because (thanks to my help) the humans were in incredible shape. I think in fact, they were only low on food. . .but none of that would matter as in a couple of short turns, they realized their fate. . .my turn came around and boom I send the Admiral to the brig. Now that leaves one character as the CAG and the Admiral and both of their human partners clinking their cups against the bars of the brig.

The funny thing was right before this, the humans were like "this game is in the bag." The other Cylons were like, this is going to be tough. Yeah, not so much. . .another rotation of turns came around and I dropped my other two great cards. . .the first allowed me to auto-pass/fail an on board skill check. . .so when the Admiral tried to get out of the brig. . .I simply said. . .fail. Done.

My turn comes around and the final cog of the plan comes to fruition, the final human is sent to the brig and I become the unrevealed Clyon President, Admiral and CAG.

Normally, if the Cylons have one of these titles it's brutal for the Humans--all three=GAME OVER

The humans shortly realized that even though they were only a jump and a half from the win. . .

. . .that they were HELPLESS. They conceded victory to the Cylons and I completed what was simply one of the most dominant if not the best Cylon win of all time.


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