Friday, June 03, 2011

Friday Fun Thoughts--A Long Awaited Return to Full-Time Weekly Gaming

So today, I get to finally announce my full-time return to weekly gaming.

After a long two-year layoff, I am finally free to game at the normal Thursday Gaming Group and I can honestly tell you I am looking forward to it.

For the bulk of the last two years, I have had a conflict on Thursdays and have missed an estimated 320 hours of gaming*. (~40 weeks a year. . .~4 hours a week)

In that time, who knows how many games of 7 Wonders, or Civ or the countless other games of _____ that I have missed.

The blank is indicative to how I've felt about keeping on top of new/hot games. It's been hard to keep track while out of the loop, but once I am back to playing full-time, I expect to be plugged back in, which will lead to me putting more and more reviews and general thoughts on the blog.

My eventual hope is to have a "What we played" feature each Friday--covering thoughts on new and older games as well as Strategy thoughts and questions.

It should be fun. . .look for something here next Friday.


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