Friday, June 03, 2011

Into the Depths of Small World Underground--A Preview

It's been a couple of weeks, so I figured I'd better let Dan know that I'm still here willing to fill the spaces between FFG announcements with odd thoughts about gaming. =)

As a big fan of Smallworld (I've played about 643 games on the iPad), I'm really excited for the new release of Underworld that I'll likely order as part of my upcoming birthday haul.

I had a chance to read the rules the other day and essentially the game plays just like the first title, but adds a couple of interesting twists.

In the new game there are some preset monsters roaming the depths and they guard a random set of Relics and Places of Great Power. These sound like they give you some bonus coins or powers for your active race.

I won't cover any of the races for the preview, but if you are a fan of the series there are some interesting new twists, but I do have to warn you that some of the "new" traits are very "similar" to the current crew in the original Small World game.

Another interesting thing is that if you choose, you can mix and match the races and powers between versions. . .so if you want your Amazons to cause some havoc in the underground you are free to unleash their fury. . .and if the new Gnomes are looking for some fun in the sun, you can mix them into your regular SW rotation.

Anyway, seems like a fun addition to the Small World family and I am definitely looking to pick it up. You can find more information here on the DoW website.


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