Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday News Round Up

First let me apologize for the slow updates this week and warn that they may continue for another week. I'm converting the site to a more traditional website layout but also trying to make it so the other contributors can easily update.

In doing so I am creating the site in 3 different systems and evaluating them for what I want to do now and in the future. This is very time consuming but I have a lot of new content I'm just holding it until I determine what format to go with. It's my hope that people come to our site for the quality of the reviews and features not the timing. We'll typically not be the first to post a review because we like to play the game a few times and we seldom get review copies. So stay with us because shortly this site is going to get a lot better. Enough with the site update on to the news.

Fantasy Flight was busy this week with announcement. First we had the information on 2 new walker expansions for Dust Tactics. I'm going to come clean I bought this game recently and it is sitting in shrink wrap behind a stack of new games that need to get reviewed and video shot for them but it sure looks pretty.  Continuing on the Dust information was the announcement that Operation SeeLowe was on sale.

Another Adventures preview (here is hoping this is for sale at GenCon) was posted. The Elder Sign preview I linked to the other day A whole bunch of LCG announcements and finally the rules for the next Arkham expansion were posted.

I love AEG they make some wonderful games and they push out a ton of news on a daily basis. The downside is that 99/9% of that news is L5R related and this week was no different so if you want to catch up on everything L5R then head here.

I was really excited when I got my charged email for Space Empires this week, I was then really bummed when a day later GMT posted that they are having shipping delays due to floods in China.  Which means Space Empires and No Retreat are going to be delayed to sometime in late July by my estimates if not longer.

In happier news they have announce 3 new P500 additions and you can find that information here.

It's Origins this week and yes OBGB is not there unfortunately but Mayfair is and well you know they are running some big competition for this little game called Catan.  If you want a little update on day 1 of the convention Mayfair has you covered.

Big news this week is Conquest of Nerath is finally out. I'm hoping to get a group together to play this very soon so I can get a review. Great components in this package.

Godzilla News
Well the big green guy is not attacking. If you read my column earlier this week on quality control you'll note that I said designer Richard Berg was putting together new rules. Well he did and they are much better and I highly suggest anyone thinking of buying this game grab them.

Everyone enjoy the weekend and do some gaming. 


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