Monday, June 06, 2011

An Old board gamer turns older

Today this old gamer gets a little older. At 45 sometimes I get strange looks when people come to our house and see my gaming room. With shelves full of games with titles like Combat Commander, Starcraft, Ticket to Ride and Descent to name just a few. It's always the same question. "These are your games?"

Once in a while I'm surprised in that the people are genuinely interested. They ask a few more questions and I can see they are thinking to themselves. "Is it ok to still play games as an adult?"

What's really surprising to me is it is usually the wives who have more interest. Of course most of the husbands just have a funny comment and go about there way probably thinking me a geek. I've long since ignored what people think. I was a three sport athlete in high school and also the guy who had the nerds over on the weekends to play D&D or Axis and Allies.

I'm the guy who at 45 will play in a golf tournament on a Saturday morning and then head over to our 3 times a year local convention to play games the rest of the day (did I mention I have an awesome wife). I love gaming it's as simple as that and I hope I continue to game for another 45 years.


In site related news I filmed videos of Ascending Empires, Godzilla and Claustrophobia over the weekend. I need to spend time this week editing those and will post them for you as time permits. This week is E3 week and while not a big board gaming event, it is a big gaming event so I'm interest to see what comes out of there.


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