Monday, May 23, 2011

Slow News Day

Been a rather slow news day for a Monday. Unless of course you consider FFG's news that you can take on the role of the overlord or keeper in their GenCon Descent and Mansions of Madness events exciting news.

I just received a few new games that I'm going to be looking into and reporting on. Dwarf King's Hold: Dead Rising is one of the games. Haven't done much but open the box and my initial reaction to that was less then favorable. I expect a little bit more for $60 to be honest and I certainly don't expect to be assembling miniatures and gluing them together.

The rule book dimensions remind me of the old computer game manuals from the 90's and the card board bit's aren't very thick. Here is to hoping the game play changes my initial feelings. I can live with lack luster components if the game plays well enough.

Also arriving today is a copy of Space Infantry. I haven't even cracked the seal on this one yet but I'll be diving into it this week. Other items on tap in the near future is an interview with Jim Krohn the designer on the upcoming and very popular Space Empires 4X and the Band of Brothers games both of which I plan on picking up. In fact I have SE4X on pre-order maybe Jim can pull some strings.

Finally I'm pleased to report we will be covering GenCon this year after missing last years show. I expect a lot of games to be available in limited supply this year so I'll be bringing a big shopping bag.


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