Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Forbidden Island has been nominated for Spiel des Jahres

For those unaware the Spiel des Jahres is the Game of the Year award in Germany. It's a very prestigious honor among the gaming community.  So I was happy to see that Forbidden Island was nominated.

Previous winners have included Dominion and Dixit. Other nominees where Qwirkle and Asara.

This year for the first time the category has been spit and a companion award called Kennerspiel des Jahres is being given for games termed "more complex"

In that category is the game 7 Wonders and well it doesn't matter who else because 7 Wonders will easily win. However I can't say 7 Wonders is more complex then any of the3 games mentioned above.

Our forbidden Island review is listed on the side panel. I highly recommend the game back when I wrote the review I recommended Pandemic over Forbidden Island saying it was a little deeper. Having played countless games of FI since then I can say that statement was incorrect and while both games are fantastic Island sees more time at my house due to the shorter time it takes to play.

Head on over to GameWright for the full press release.


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