Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Hills of Emyn Muil adventure pack announced

The 4th Adventure pack
FFG has announced the now fourth adventure pack for the Lord of the Rings Card game.

If you're asking yourself shouldn't the first pack be in stores before they announce the fourth? Or shouldn't they have planned in advanced and had all of these things published at once so they could actually maintain a monthly schedule? I say welcome to the world of FFG logic.

My review of this game will be posted this week, I'm going to give it one more play this time with 3 people. I had to buy another base set to do this by the way. That will bring my total plays up to 21 and for those keeping score my current record is 0 - 20, take from that what you will.

Don't forget about our contest above, right now your chances of winning are pretty good as our twitter following is small, maybe I need to post links to naked celebrity photos.


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