Wednesday, July 02, 2008

WOW:TAG More Info

I'm going to guess that World of Warcraft The Adventure Game is very close to hitting shelves. Every day this week FFG has been posting a designer article on the game. I recall this happening right before the Descent Road to Legend Expansion, and I have not played that yet for those wondering. I have a habit of buying games no one wants to play.

TOI - Have one friend who will play it
Descernt - Nope can't get a regular group
WoW - Get this on the table about once a year and never finish a game because it is too long and tedious.
Hannibal - Can't get a frigging sole to play this and it is a fantastic game as I have played it by myself several times and force my wife to play it once. (still waiting for the payback on that one)

Anyway I pre-order WOW:TAG even before these articles were posted because I was looking for something better then WOW The Boardgame. Someday I'll write an article why WOW:TBG failed.


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