Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Are you feeling Evil????

Last year at GenCon I stumbled upon a game that was relatively unheard of called Last Night on Earth. The guys who produced it were super cool and while the booth was very crowded, probably due to the hot girl who was one of the characters in the game being there, I wanted to try it out because of course it had Zombies.

I instantly liked the game, I had several friends who had wandered by tell me they thought the game was weak however and for some reason this prevented me from buying it right away. Each day I came back to the hall I wandered down there until on day 3 I finally bought the game.

Today LNOE and it's expansions Growing Hunger are hits and I can't find anyone who doesn't enjoy the game, including said friends who thought it was weak. So it was with great interest I read this report from origins about the companies next game A Touch of Evil, the Supernatural Game (don't judge it by it's title)

What little I read up to this point had me thinking it might just be a simpler version of Arkham Horror which is one of my favorite games. I'm glad that the game, while having some similarities doesn't sound like a knock off and Flying Frog has earned a must buy from me.

Here is hoping the game is on sale at GenCon this year.


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