Friday, July 18, 2008


Well I finally got my copy of Galactic Emperor and I haven't even punched it yet. I also have Wow:TAG on the way, probably Monday and the 4th edition D&D books just to read.

If this was the dead of winter not only would I have punched GE, I would have soloed it by now at least once in preparation for playing. But it's not winter, it's beautiful summer and I have two little girls. So besides playing golf on the weekends I am spending time with them, going to the pool. Playing "monster" in the back yard, watching movies.

I'll tell you what my 5 year old has a mean play mobile collection, when we set up the whole thing we have two castles, enough guys for an army of 20 for each side, horses, catapults, pirate ships and dragons. Her collection is so good that they are going to feature it on display at the local rec building, she is so excited for that.

So gaming time might seem on the down side, there is always GenCon next month, but I'm enjoying my summer. Here is hoping you're doing the same.


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