Friday, May 30, 2008

Time Agent

Last night instead of playing multiple games which is what I typically do on a Thursday night I hunkered in to do my best
Sam Beckett impersonation and played a game I'd never heard of called Time Agent.

In Time Agent you take on the role of one of the races and you're going back in time to try an alter events to make your race the leaders of the galaxy. Once you've done that then you want to shut off time travel by altering it's discovery.

Each Race varies in their start position. We did a random dram and I got the Bulrati who happen to be the current masters of the universe. Which makes playing them a bit of a challenge your first time out, and also a bit annoying.

Each race has a starting resource point and victory point position on the track. Victory points are simple enough you want the most and when you have it you want to turn off time travel. Resource point allow you to collect income each turn, which you spend on time machines, time agents or squads and a few other special things that you can do. The most important things you do with your cash is flip event. For example there are 3 time travel event, to shut them all off requires 125 credits, plus paying for the agents, time machines and of course sending them back in time costs money.

So the goal fore everyone else but me was to go back in time, find event pertaining to your race and alter them. So altering the outcome of a war for example would give someone more RP and VP and remove it from the other person(s) involved. I think you can see where this is going, as the Bulldogs everything flipped is against hurts me. With events spread out all over time and space it puts you on defense and it is really hard to cover every event.

If I played this game again I would have a better strategy as the Bulldog people. Looking at the board and the chits this game can look intimidating, but in truth the rules are simple and make sense on the first run through and there is a good deal of strategy too it.

My only complaint is the game seems to grind at the end, as all the events get turned and each race is then trying to disable time travel the game can drag. Because you really need to protect those event you've reversed with your squads . seeing how this was a first game for everyone I think a future game would eliminate a lot of that. It's also very nice their is little to no down time during play.

I would recommend that most people try this game at least once, I'm not sure if it is something you would play a lot. But I could see it being played 1-2 times a year.
Photos courtesy of BGG.


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