Monday, June 09, 2008

Little Bit of This & That, Plus a descent Painting Contest

Sorry for the lack of posts, last week was my birthday (6th actually) and it was a crazy week. My daughter who is 5 was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz school play. I had a golf tournament on Friday and Saturday and one nice case of the stomach flu Sunday. All things considered a wonderful birthday weekend.

I was hunting around for some news to break tonight and frankly it is pretty quiet. FFG has updated their upcoming products page and finally the BSG and Conan board game are up there. They also are having a Descent painting contest which I will enter only because I painted my figures.

On the gaming front I haven't played much of anything with the exception of Boom Blox on the Wi, great game. I see MGS4 drops this week, not sure if I will get it way too many cut scenes for my tastes.

I await my copy of Galactic Emperor, I was discussing it with Michael Barnes from F:AT and Gameshark briefly and I'm sure he will be posting a review if he hasn't already over at F:AT. Someday I dream of being on the reviewers list :)

Other then that the only game on my radar is the WoW Adventure game due in July, thing is there is not one lick of information on it from FFG which makes me kind of worried.

Anyway I'm going to start pulling the content I have been working on and finish it off for posting shortly.


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