Monday, May 05, 2008

The eye is upon you. (unless I am in control)

Last Thursday I had my first chance to play War of the Ring thanks to my friend Todd. We had planned this for a week so i was able to briefly look over the rules which made Todd's explanation a lot easier.

I concluded from my read and Todd concurred that playing the dark forces would be an easier attempt for my first game. As he went over the rules and some basic strategies with me, he made it pretty clear that the good guys usually win by getting the ring to Mt. Doom and that while them only needing 4 points by conquest as opposed to my 10 made it seem and easy task it wasn't.

I was pretty slow in getting my special characters into play and also didn't spend a lot of early game time mustering forces. It was certainly a mild disadvantage not having a general idea of the event deck cards as well.

For the most part I thought I was doing pretty well, I was keeping the Ring from moving and my dark forces were slowly capturing cities. What I failed to comprehend is that while it certainly felt like there was no military threat I should not of left my cities and keeps undefended.

Todd built a force in the Shire and also one in the Elven wood and I had nothing to stop his forces coming out of the shire and I made the mistake of bypassing his held up forces in the wood for an easy 2 point victory spot.

This left me wide open and pretty much powerless to stop these two forces from moving into two of my locations and securing a military victory. So what did I learn about War of the Ring.

1. I simply loved it and I think I'll end up buying it, I doubt besides Todd I will find anyone else to play it but it would pain me not to own that game.

2. You can't play conservative as the bad guys. Unfortunately that is the way I play most of my war games and in this case it doesn't work. You need to eliminate Rohan fast and then move your forces up from the South.

3. Get your special characters out asap and start using their abilities.

All in all I had a lot of fun even though I suffered an embarrassing loss. I can't wait to play it again.


TMJJS said...

I'll play War of the Ring with you anytime!

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