Monday, April 28, 2008

Still here

Don't think my lack of postings means I have given up blogging, nor sir. Work has been overwhelming of late and I'm just plain out of energy when I get home. News has been a tad slow as well, the GOW board game I mentioned is definitely in the works however.

This weekend my local gaming group had their bi-annual convention known as Kit Con which is not really a convention at all but just a day of open board gaming. I had a golf tournament in the morning, which my team won, and didn't arrive until 4:30 in the afternoon which meant my play time was going to be limited.

I stared with a game of Mare Nostrum and the Mythology expansion. I was a little worried how this game would play since no one I know has said anything positive about it. Truth be told I loved it, as did the people I played with. The end game was a bit of a let down as I tied with another player for the win. But all things considered it is a very easy civilization game to get in to. I can't wait to play it again.

After we finished we were waiting for a game of Struggle to finish, and I am none to happy I missed out on playing that. So while waiting I played a game of Capes and Cowls with Dave. I really like this game but It's so hard to acquire I'm pretty certain i could make a nice chunk of change if I sold it. Dave beat me as we drew random Heroes and I ended up with nobody with ranges attacks.

Next up was Game of Thrones the Storm of Swords Expansion which I think makes the base game a lot more enjoyable. The problem with GoT is I always want to play it and by about 5 turns in I remember I don't like it that much. It's really odd that I continue to want to play this game.

At about 1 am we started playing a game that I can't recall the name of but which was a bit original. The goal of the game is there was a story and that we needed to each create a character in it and speak a sentence of the story, take short hand notes of what we wrote and by games end see if anything we said scored. I made it to about 2am and then I realized if i didn't leave that instant I wouldn't make the hour drive home.

On the whole it wasn't a great Kit Con for me because I am used to getting their at 9am and playing games all day. I was glad to get to play Mare but there were a ton of games i missed out on and didn't get to play.


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