Saturday, March 08, 2008

Super flu

Well I was feeling run down all week never really 100% from last weekends bout with the flu. Last week was a rough one at work and I didn't get a lot of sleep. I woke up Friday morning about 2 am and proceeded to get sick all over the bed after a few hours of that I passed out. Yesterday I was running close to a 103 fever all day, I got out of bed twice the whole day thats how wrecked I felt. Today I'm running on about 60% engine power, it's amazing when I lived on the east coast I never got sick but since moving to Illinois I've been prone to more illness, maybe it's a sign we should get out of here.

Anyway while I was down for the count the Descent:RTL rules were posted, haven't had a chance to read them myself yet but I put this in with a big order I placed on Tuesday this past week so I'll be getting it for sure.

Pandemic hit the table at game night this week and we lost again, everyone at the club is complaining the game is un-winnable, yet every time I turn around someone is asking to borrow my copy. The same people walking away complaining are the ones playing it all the time. Personally I like how hard it is and it's ok to lose, that makes winning so much sweeter but thats just me I guess.

Finally got to play Britannia this past week, we only played half a game since the playing time is so long and 3 of us were playing for the first time. I really enjoyed the mechanics of this game and I hope to get a shot at playing a full game come convention time.

Well thats it for me today, I'm going to take it easy this weekend but i will be back with the Battlelore contest rules on Monday.


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