Saturday, March 22, 2008

Descent in the House

As you can see by my recently playing list I received the Descent expansion along with a few other games I just ordered. No, I have not played them yet that little mistake in my recently played list comes courtesy of Board Game Geeks forms.

Anyway I now have all the Descent expansion and main game and let me tell you transporting this is going to be next to impossible. I also picked up Mare Nostrum and the Mythology expansion for it based on some positive feedback by Bill Abner.

Bill and I have know each other through the inter webs for a long time and I find that his tastes often run in line with mine so if I hate this game, which I doubt from my reading of the rules, then I'll be sending him the bill.

Also scored a copy of Key Largo which was designed by Paul Randles and was his last game before passing away. There is an interesting post on BGG about how this game final got completed and made it to print. I'm a fan of Pirates cove and so is my wife so I decided to pick this up, alas it needs at least 3 to play. It looks like a very fun game so I'm looking forward to getting it on the table, I can't wait until my oldest daughter who will be 5 in May can start to join us on some of these games.

Now for the most important news of the week, we beat Pandemic on Thursday night. Four player game with only 4 Epidemic cards but hey I'll take a win. Strangely winning the game didn't do anything to lessen my desire to play it, which is a good thing.

Currently the only game I have on pre-order is The Last Night on Earth expansion called Growing Hunger and I'm not even sure when that is going to ship. I'll also be putting an order in for Galactic Emperor as well. It's going to be an expensive summer, I should have stuck with video / computer game reviews as you got those copies for free, but you have to do what you love.


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