Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hannibal on my wall.

So in what little free time I have this week I have been playing Hannibal which is just a fantastic game. Spending so much time looking at the board got me thinking how I wish I had a version of the map framed as a poster. Which in turn got me to thinking what a fabulous idea for decorating my bare gaming room walls.

I figure I could fit 4 or 5 framed pieces of art down there so what would they be. I'm open to suggestions, of course trying to get some of these framed is going to be next to impossible but don't let that limit your top 5 list.

Whats mine? Well I haven't thought of the top 5 yet, but I know two of them.

1. The Hannibal Map
2. Tide of Iron Box cover

Neither of those are great shots but they get the point across, now the question is what to use for the other 3.


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