Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Order

Sometimes as a gamer you just gotta have you some new gaming love. With a pile of games from GenCon I still haven't played I was struck with the mood to spend some money. I usually order from Fair Play games but they didn't have what I needed so I went with Thought Hammer. I ordered Friday and they showed up today and that was the free shipping option.

What did I get?

Conflict of Heroes
Combat Commander Europe
Warriors of God
5 counter Trays, guess why?

Can you guess what kind of games I am thirsting to play right now? To fill out this most wonderful order I also got a copy of Say Anything because we all need some party games right?

I plan to open Conflict first I am itching to see this game. Of course I have a load of video games stacked up to review, Mines of Moria, Socom Confrontation, NWN2 Expansion and Disney Sing It! (not joking I requested it as I have a 3.11 and 5.5 year old girl)

Plus I just got Fable 2, FIFA 09 and Fall Out 3 is next week. Not to mention Left 4 Dead which I really want. I just love this time of year.


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