Monday, October 27, 2008

COH, Say Anything, Warriors of God

I played COH First firefight twice so far and both times the Germans trounced the poor Russians. It's a very enjoyable game and I'm holding off on my review until I've played more of the scenarios as each one starts to add other features like Smoke, Artillery and Vechicles. You really need to play the first firefight however just to retrain yourself on how you play war games as there is no "not paying attention" in COH. Also the pause between each action takes some getting used to but it really needs to be done.

I also played a solo game of Warriors of God and I will be getting this to the table soon. I have to be very careful who I play this with, there is a major luck element on when leaders die in this game and as I played I could envision several of my gaming buddies bitching up a storm because there plans we're foiled by a leader dying.

Got to play Say Anything this weekend at a Halloween party, this is the perfect party game. You're up in playing in 5-10 minutes after explaining the rules, I think you could teach a monkey to play this in about 20 minutes. Of course with any party game of this type its all about who you're playing with and for some how many drinks have been involved.

This group was perfect, I can say that with 100% certainty. You see you can't have duplicate answers so the first one to put theres in is good and the other have to change it. So as this questions was asked;

Name something inappropriate to have on your desk at work.

The fact that I stopped 2 other female players from writing Dildo because they were too slow is my evidence that it was the perfect choice for this group. Now my regular Eagles gaming group, ehh not so much.


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