Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Conflict of Heroes

Conflict of Heroes Awakening the Bear! - Russia 1941 - 1942 is one game I am geeked out to play. I read the rule last night and plan to play a solo scenario tonight. The rules are well laid out and the basic concepts sound simple. I really like that as a player you can react to your opponent so this means you have to pay attention at all times. I'll save the rules for when I do the review but know component wise this is how all war games should be made.

The box is damned heavy when you pick it up and of good stock, the counter aren't cheap and are a nice size and stock. The art work on them is also fantastic and the boards are heavy and mounted. Comparing the quality of this game to other new company release like Galactic Emperor aren't even fair as Conflict out classes it in every way.

Unless something at home prevents it, look for a solo play session recap tonight or tomorrow.

Images taken from Board Game Geek


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