Friday, June 20, 2008

The Opposite of Hype

Raise your hand if you've read anything on World of Warcraft: the Adventure Game.

Anyone...anyone at all?

Here is a game that is scheduled to arrive in July according to the FFG website and the only information that can be found is a single forum poster on BGG who played the game for about an hour.

There is nothing about this game anywhere, I can't understand that. The cynic in me thinks that speaks very badly for the game. People are speculating that Wow:TAG is just a Runebound clone in Wow clothing.

I could write a whole article on whats wrong with the first Wow game produced by FFG and I actually own it and all the expansions. So you would think that FFG would need to knock this second one out of the park. Spread some information, build some hype, let people know that combat doesn't consists of endless die rolls trying to emulate the online games combat mechanics.

The lack of information is alarming, at least to me. My instincts tell me to stay away, as my old pappy always told me. If it sounds like a Murlock, looks like a Murlock and God forbid smells like a Murlock... well you know the rest.


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