Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Dice Spotting

So I needed a system for my game which would involve a bit of chance but stay away from the typical D20 mechanic. While rolling dice is certainly something a lot of gamers dislike, it is not something that bothers me. I did want to try something a little different and I'm not sure if I played a system like this before and that is how it came to me, but I'm quite sure it exists somewhere.

So each player will have ten D10's. Whenever they attemt to preform an action or engage in combat that requires die rolling they will roll a set number of dice (determine by modifiers etc) and be required to "spot" a certain number of dice for success. Spotting means they must match a number, think rolling pairs except they all have to be the same number. Here an example:

Agent Dotkins has drawn a security encounter, he has run into a door which is sealed but has a computer keypad guarding it's entry. He has a few options here, but he elects to try and disable the locking device. This calls on his technology skill attirbute which is a 4 (he is fairly skilled in technology) he also has a electromagnetic lock picking kit which gives him 2 additional dice and gets to re-roll any dice not spotted once.

Agent Dotkins will be rolling 6 d10's to try and disable the door lock. According to his encounter he needs 4 spotted dice to succede (this is a hard lock). Also not having any spotted dice will result in an alarm sounding and an encounter being drawn.

Dotkins rolls and gets the following on 6 dice: 10,8,7,3,7,and 4. Dotkins has spotted two dice (the two sevens) he sets those aside and because of his kit, he gets to re-roll the other dice looking for more sevens.

He rolls again and gets the following: 7,1,1,5. he adds the seven to his others and has spotted 3 dice succesfully, not enough to disarm the lock but enough not to raise the alarm. The two 1's he rolled could also be spotted, but he would have only two successes. If for example he had rolled four 1's on his re-roll he could have spotted all four of them and hit the target to unlock the door and ingored his saved 7's.

I won't go into what happens next for Agent Dotkins, he has several options on his next turn. But this is an example of the main mechanic of the game, so you can see it is a die rolling game.


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