Friday, September 15, 2006

Descent: Expansion

If you're a Descent player (and if you're not give it a try) you probably know there is an expansion due out sometime soon. Called the Well of Darkness. well I'm not sure how long they have been posted, but the rule can be found online here

Looks like we get 3 new monsters (Kobold, Golem and something called a Ferrox) and then a whole bunch of cards. Looks like 10 new map pieces and lots of Prop markers. The new rules look interesting as well.

I really love this game with some house rules, but anyone who has played can tell you that the OverLord is at a disadvantage. The new rules seem (on paper anyway) balance that out. As the OverLord can now customize his base deck with new Treachery Cards on a point buy system.

I find descent plays best with a few hosue rules for limiting town visits, and also for adding AOE 9area of opportunity) attacks. In the base rules a player could run in, attack point blank and move out. Not in my house rules.


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