Monday, December 15, 2008

A Gamers Pain

Remember when you were little and Christmas was coming and you might try and get a sneak peek at what present your parents got you because we all know you can't get a sneak peek of what Santa is bringing. Wait no one else did that?

Anyway my wife was out Saturday and I was getting ready to take the girls to lunch and the doorbell rings and two giant packages we're sitting on the porch. I take them in and they are heavy as hell, especially one of them. I look at the first box to see who it is from, the heavy one and it says Pegasus games, The War Game. the other box says Thought Hammer and it is as big as the first.

I obviously know what is in them since I put together my wish list of games, but man did I need to fight the urge to open those puppies up. So I call my wife and tell her they are there and she says well act surprised, which I will. But I mainly called her to tell her to move the damn things out of my eye sight. Here it is Monday morning and they we're still there, it's almost like she is begging me to open them.

No seriously I'm 42, I'm not kidding.

The pain of being a gamer :)


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