Saturday, December 27, 2008

Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition OOTB

So I decided the first game I would open from my haul from Santa would be this one. The box is large, to accommodate the 3 maps boards that come with the game. The l;larger boards are welcome but I am already noticing warping on them just from the time they were out as I punched the rest of the game.

The games comes with storage containers for each nation and two catch all containers. Inside each container were the bits for each nation already punched and even the pesky infantry units were in their own baggies. From opening the box to getting everything set up took about 30 minutes, a far easier time then The War Game which I'll cover tomorrow.

All the bits and card board were really good quality and the rules are well written. I think I'll be playing this one in the coming week perhaps so I'll have more to say at that point. My only complaint thus far is the boards themselves, we'll see how they hold up.


mr.crumb said...

Larry Harris and the boys at Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast have done it again! I love this game. There are many new changes from the original that make the dynamics of the game more interesting. You will have lots of fun playing this new version.

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