Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Operation Crusader AAR

I unfortunately forgot my camera and this AAR is from last week. I had to stop penning it due to work and tried to finish it out tonight. Some of the details are a bit hazy at this point. Good news is i am playing another one tomorrow in my gaming room so I should have pictures with that.

Operation Crusader AAR
Todd and I decided to try the Operation Crusader scenario, we figured it would play fast and we were eager to give an all vehicle scenario a try. I took the Germans and he the Brits. Initial placement had both of us grabbing our country specific objects to start gathering command.

Turn 1 – Initiative Brits
The Brits made a quick dash with their Matilda’s and got behind the cover of the small buildings on the left edge of the map but also grabbed the neutral objective there. I elected to move my Panzer III’s up the other edge of the map but couldn’t reach the objective, I was able to find some good ground to cover this edge and the center of the map.
His Crusaders then made the move up the right side and middle, securing another 1 point neutral objective and in prized position to gain the neutral 2 objective. My final play was to move my Panzer IV’s up the left edge and position them so that if those Matti’s stuck their nose out I would blast them.
Reinforcements arrived at turns end and the Brits were concentrating on that left edge so I positioned to counter.

Turn 2 - Initiative Brits
The Crusader in the middle of the map moves into the Dunes capturing the last command point. From this point on I will never have initiative or will I capture anymore command. He fired his Crusader at one of my Panzer III’s on the right map edge and lightly damages my tank. I return fire with the lightly damaged tank first and the second Panzer III the results of both attacks leave his Crusader heavily damaged.
He captures the 2 point neutral command token near the Dunes but I’ve brought a Panzer IV and a Panzer III to bare on this tank but don’t manage to score any hits. The rest of his reserves make there way up the left edge and I reply in kind. The left edge and Center of the Map is Tank Heavy next turn the fire fight is going to begin.
We get our final reserves on this turn and they will move up next turn to join the fray.

Turn 3 - Initiative Brits
The Brits have pretty much ignored the right side of the map, he has 2 Crusaders there and is moving up a Matilda to strengthen his units. I’m only covering this area with 3 Panzer III’s, two of which are behind some light cover and the other is exposed. He fires bottom of his Crusaders at my lightly damaged tank and only manages to heavily damage it. I return fire on this side with both of my tanks and manage to tank out one of his tanks. His Matilda moves up and next turn will have his choice of prime targets. Still not wanting to make a move on the left edge he moves a Crusader to support the lone tank on the Dunes.
I fire with my last tank on the right edge and manage to lightly wound the crusader. I decide for my next action to fire my IV at one of the Tanks on the Dunes and again manage a light damage. Some positioning is done along the left edge but no one has made a move yet.

Turn 4 - Initiative Brits (Germany 1 – Brits 0)
His Matilda on the right side manages to finish off my damaged Panzer III but his Crusader missed. I return fire with both my P3’s on his Matti and manage to heavily damage it. He finally makes a move on the left and brings 2 Crusader around the building to fire on my P4 and P3 trained at the Dunes, neither shot hits. I still want to clear the Dunes so I don’t return fire on the newly exposed Crusaders and concentrate on those tanks and miss.
His other Matti’s roll out of the other side of the building, one shot and heavily damages a Panzer 3. Again I regret forgetting my camera but the left edge of the map is now a mishmash of cross fire. He has 4 tanks trained on my 2 tanks covering the dunes. We each have 2 tanks squared off on the other side of the building and each of us a 3rd coming up to support.

Turn 5 - Initiative Brits (Germany 1 – Brits 1)
The Brits 2 tanks on the Dunes open fire again on my PII and IV who have been opposing them and both miss. I switch back to the right side destroy the Matilda and heavily damage the Crusader. The right side is pretty much mine at this point although he manages to lightly damage one of my tanks.
Back to the left two more shots at my exposed Panzer III results in the loss of that tank. I open fire on the left side of the building and manage no hits. His 3 tanks on the left side fire and manage to down a Panzer IV.

Turn 6 - Initiative Brits (Germany 2 – Brits 3)
The Brits have so much command he can pretty much play any card in his hand. He plays one that allows him to interrupt my move and another that gives him 4 actions on a turn. He plays 4 actions right out of the gate. The results are a heavily damaged Panzer III on the right side of the board. A lightly damages Panzer III and Panzer IV on the left side. He then interrupts my move and manages to lightly damage another PIV.
Things aren’t looking good at this point, all but one of my tanks is damaged at this point. I am down in VP and there are two turns left. I take a shot on the left edge with a III on a Crusader and manage to kill it with a single shot. This was to me the turning point of the game. My Panzer III and IV who have been covering the Dunes also shoot well and I manage to take down another Matilda and heavily damage his support. Over on the right I manage to kill his heavily damaged tank.

Turn 7 - - Initiative Brits (Germany 5 – Brits 3)
Turn seven turns into a lot of missed. He does finish off my heavily damaged Panzer to close the score. But it is going to require some good shooting in Turn 8 for the Brits to pull this out.

Turn 8 - Initiative Brits (Germany 5 – Brits 4)
Once again the card is used to give him 4 actions, it’s pretty much all out attack. All of my tanks are damaged at this point but none are heavily damaged. Of his remaining Tanks he has 2 heavily damaged tanks. The trend for the Brits this game has been miserable die rolling and it continues, he scores zero hits with any of his tanks this round. I manage to take down another one of his.

Final Score: Germany 9VP British 4VP
I’ll be honest even though I won I didn’t care much for this scenario. It certainly plays fast and is an excellent introduction to using Tanks in the TOI game. But it has a real Death match feel to it, putting Tanks in Op fire is pretty much pointless unless you manage to grab a big early lead and your opponent is forced to move into your LOS.


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