Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New Games

Some items I've acquired recently.

Merchants & Marauders
Haven't had the chance to play this one yet but have done the usualy rules read through and play some test turns. I expect my regular group to be slit on this one. Great concept, quality components and does what i expect. However might be a little too rules overload for some.

I hope to get it to the table this Thursday.

Earth Reborn
This game took a long time to punch and it is going to take even longer to get through the rules with the available time i have right now. What's cool is the way it teaches the rules in small chunks. Conflict of Heroes did this and it is one of the few games I can always remember how to play.

I expect it's some time before this one sees daylight though.

Other games I've gotten recently. Formula D with all the track expansions, the new BSG expansion, Telestrations (This one is a huge party hit) 1960 to play with the wife.

I've got more games then I have time to play right now.


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