Wednesday, November 12, 2008

New Games

KitCon has come and gone and it was an awesome time, the day just flew by. Dominion was the big game this year many people were playing it, at times 3 or 4 games going on. I loved this game at GenCon and I still do. In fact I just got my copy today and played a quick game with the wife, she also liked it and won, always a good thing.

Got to play Axis & Allies, Conflict of Heroes and Warriors of God that day as well. It's nice to play some longer games but even I was weary after that line up. I'm hoping to get in some Combat commander this week along with a prototype play of my game (more on that later) and I also ordered a copy of The War Game which is quite possibly the most expensive and largest game I've ever seen.

It's nice to have time to game again as life is starting to get back to normal.


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