Friday, August 22, 2008

Battlelore to FFG

Most of you have probably heard by now that Battlelore has been sold to Fantasy Flight Games, you can see the FFG press release here. I'll have more to say about this at a future time, anyone who reads this blog knows I am a big FFG fan.

I think what Days of Wonder has done here is nothing short of crappy. They have misled the Battlelore community for over a year know. Promises of expansions and taking the game new ways was nothing but a lot of hot air apparently. For their part anyone who pre-ordered the Troll expansion is going to get it for free, but that didn't stop them from selling them less then a week ago at GenCon for full price.

As I said once I see what FFG does with the line I'll comment more, but transitioning to a new company and then formulating a road map for the line is a time consuming thing. So for Battlelore fans we're looking at another long year with nothing new.


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