Friday, January 04, 2008

Coming Soon

Got a chance last night to see but not play production version of Through the Ages and the RRT expansion Rails of Europe.

I've seen Rails before as the prototype had been played at our gaming group, but it was nice to see it in the final production box. Through the Ages looks right up my alley, I glanced at the rules and it looks great. Unfortunately they were starting a game very late and I didn't have time to sit in on it.

Anyway the word I got is if all goes well expect to see both on shelves in about a month.

Last night I played a miniatures game call Wings of fire which is WW2 air combat. I think we had 12 people playing so it pretty much ate up my whole night. I'll just say that while I love miniature gaming something about the pace was just off last night.

I should have some review up shortly of Dust, Hannibal and Tannhäuser.


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